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Assignment #1All About Me Keynote Project
Thanks to Mrs. Connie Mitchell for the great idea for this project. Mrs. Mitchell made the directions, which I modified slightly. Have fun while you learn how to use Keynote!

Assignment #2-Earthquakes and the San Andreas Fault

Earthquakes are a part of life for those of us who live in California. Earthquakes are exciting, but can be dangerous. The San Andreas Fault, one of the most famous faults in the world, runs right through our Coachella Valley. The geology of the San Andreas is fascinating! The objective of Assignment #2 is to learn about earthquakes, the San Andreas Fault, and what we can do to ensure our safety and the safety of our loved ones. Your mission is to gather the important facts and present them in a Keynote presentation that you can share with your family and friends so that they will be safe, too!

How to Download Video from UnitedStreaming

Earthquakes! Order of Slides

Study the information provided on the web pages linked below. Use the Earthquakes/San Andreas Fault Study Guide to collect the facts before you begin the Keynote presentation.

Earthquake Information Web Sites

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