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Flash for Animation

Adobe Flash is a popular program for making animations and web sites. JWMS students are very familiar with the educational website, BrainPop. BrainPop is built in Flash. Flash is very powerful but we’ll only be getting our feet wet. If you’d like to venture beyond the assignments we do in class, download a free 30-day trial version of Flash and search for free online tutorials.

Read the directions in the documents provided below. Save them using the task name, your name and period.

1 How to Create a Classic Tween

2 How to Create a Shape Tween

3 How to Shape Tween Text

4 How to Create a Motion Tween

5 Spotlight (Masking) Tutorial – Flash

6 Animating Photos in Flash

You, too, can create an animated greeting card to send to your friends and family using Flash!  A super-fun activity is to take a photo (like George Washington for example) and animated his face for, say, a Happy President’s Day card!  Or perhaps try animating your mom’s face telling you you don’t have to clean your room!  Whichever you choose to do, it’s pretty simple in Flash.

Follow the link below to watch the video and follow the simple instructions! 😀


7 Add Voice to Your Animated Photo

8 Rotoscope Assignment


Check out the Rotoball project at the link provided. Do you have the skills to enter Rotoball? (http://carrotrevolution.com/rotoball/)


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