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Digital Storytelling

Everyone likes a good story!  Good stories contain certain elements that attract and hold the listener’s attention. Those same elements are important in digital storytelling, where we tell a good story and also include images that enhance our story in a creative way. Bernajean Porter is the master at guiding students to tell their story in an imaginative and effective way! Using the websites (courtesy of Bernajean!)  linked below, we’ll learn to write and film entertaining stories that will attract and hold a listener’s/viewer’s attention.

Take Six: Elements of Good Storytelling http://digitalstorytelling.iste.wikispaces.net/file/view/Take+Six+Excerpt+.pdf

Digitales Storymaking Steps http://digitales.us/resources/digitales-storymaking-steps

Documentary and Docudrama Steps http://digitales.us/resources/documentary-and-docudrama


Take a look at some of the stories told by our CCHS students:





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