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Coding/Programming Games and Tutorials

Are you interested in discovering how to be a programmer or “coder”?  The websites below provide lots of activities and tutorials to teach you how to code using a variety of languages! It’s a little complicated but don’t let it scare you, the activities are fun and challenging!  And the good news is, you can learn it on  your own!  You don’t need to be in a classroom,  you can learn to be a computer programmer from the comfort of your own laptop! Check out the links below, have fun, and impress your friends and family!

http://code.org  (This is the site we’ll be using in class!  Set up your own account here using your student ID number as your username,  and your date of birth as your password. I’ll give you a class join code so that I can monitor your progress.)







Learn code while playing a game!



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