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Agenda 10/17-10/21

on October 19, 2016

Monday-Friday  We will be checking out iPads this week!  Work with your partner to take the following photos:

1. a human portrait, making sure to follow the rule of thirds.

2. a landscape, making sure to follow the rule of thirds.

3. a subject with backlight, forming a silhouette.

4. a photo taken during the Golden Hour, with diffused light or any other dramatic lighting.

5. a photo that creates a sense of depth, using any method.

You will explain what method you used in your presentation.

6. a photo with leading, diagonal or other lines to create interest

and movement.

7. a photo that demonstrates rhythm.

8. a photo with symmetry.

9. a photo that contains strong texture.

10. a photo from an unusual vantage point.

11. a photo that uses framing around the subject.

***Upload your photos to Google Drive!

When you are not taking photos, please complete Stages 6-8 in Course 2, Code.org.  

Define coding vocabulary: loop, nesting loops, debugging, and conditionals.


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