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Agenda 9/19-9/23

on September 20, 2016

Monday 9/19  –

  • Everfi Radius – Mission 1
  • Continue Holiday Banner

Tuesday 9/20  –

  • Everfi Radius – Mission 2
  • Continue Holiday Banner –

    Important! Add a text box in the white space and make sure the completed banners have all proper identification (student’s first and last name, school, grade, ‘2016’) neatly written in the box. Lack of identification is grounds for disqualification of design for judging.

    Turn in to Drop Folder!

Wednesday 9/21  –

  • Everfi Radius – Mission 3
  • Complete and turn in Holiday Banner

Thursday 9/22  –

  • Review of 4 computer systems and the binary system.
  • Basic computer vocabulary
  • Code.org – Course 2-Stages 4-6

Friday 9/23  –

  • Quiz on the 4 computer systems, the binary system and basic computer vocabulary.
  • Complete Code.org – Course 2-Stages 4-6

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