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Agenda 12/5-12/9

Monday – Storyboard the first 6 shots in the “Basic Camera Shots and Angles” assignment. See Google Classroom for Shot List and video.

Tuesday – Storyboard shots 7-12.

Wednesday – Complete the storyboard and prepare to film on Thursday. Be sure to get your storyboard checked off.

Thursday – Filming

Friday – Filming

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11/14 – Intro to Sound Effects project. (Resources – SoundBible.com, GarageBand, iMovie)

11/15 – Everfi Ignition – Complete the 5th module, Creating Multimedia Projects.

  • Follow the instructions in Google Classroom for the Sound Effects project.
  • Find a copyright-free image and add it to a new project in iMovie.

11/16 – Continue Sound Effects project.  Layer at least 5 sound effects!

11/17 – Adding music from Sonic Fire.  Find a song segment to add to your project to enhance the mood.

11/18 – Export  (File>Share>Theater) Sound Effects project and turn it in through Google Classroom.

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Agenda 10/17-10/21

Monday-Friday  We will be checking out iPads this week!  Work with your partner to take the following photos:

1. a human portrait, making sure to follow the rule of thirds.

2. a landscape, making sure to follow the rule of thirds.

3. a subject with backlight, forming a silhouette.

4. a photo taken during the Golden Hour, with diffused light or any other dramatic lighting.

5. a photo that creates a sense of depth, using any method.

You will explain what method you used in your presentation.

6. a photo with leading, diagonal or other lines to create interest

and movement.

7. a photo that demonstrates rhythm.

8. a photo with symmetry.

9. a photo that contains strong texture.

10. a photo from an unusual vantage point.

11. a photo that uses framing around the subject.

***Upload your photos to Google Drive!

When you are not taking photos, please complete Stages 6-8 in Course 2, Code.org.  

Define coding vocabulary: loop, nesting loops, debugging, and conditionals.

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Agenda 10/3-10/7

Monday – Continue 7 Elements – Patterns, Symmetry, Form and Shape

Tuesday – Continue 7 Elements -ContinuePatterns, Symmetry, Form and Shape

  •  Texture and Vantage Point

Wednesday – Early dismissal

  • Parent/Teacher conferences 12-3
  • Framing photos
  • Complete Pages – 7 Elements of Photography and submit through Drop folder.

Thursday -Early dismissal

  • Parent/Teacher conferences 12:30-3:00 and 4:00-7:00.
  • Course 2 – Stages 6 and 7

Friday – Early dismissal

  • Intro to iMovie
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Agenda 9/26-9/30

Monday 9/26

Complete the BrainPop quiz after each video and email the results to kpape@psusd.us.

  • Binary
  • Computers
  • Computer Programming

Tuesday 2/27

  • Code.org – Stage 5, 6, 7, 8  Loops!

Wednesday 9/28

  • Continue Code.org – Stage 5, 6, 7, 8  Loops!

Thursday 9/29

  • Intro to Photography unit.  
  • Rule of Thirds and Depth.
  • Begin Pages document with copyright-free photos with a description of the use of each element in each photo.


Friday 9/30

  • Continue Photography unit.  
  • Rythmn, Pattern, Shape, Symmetry
  • Continue Pages document with copyright-free photos with a description of the use of each element in each photo.
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Agenda 9/19-9/23

Monday 9/19  –

  • Everfi Radius – Mission 1
  • Continue Holiday Banner

Tuesday 9/20  –

  • Everfi Radius – Mission 2
  • Continue Holiday Banner –

    Important! Add a text box in the white space and make sure the completed banners have all proper identification (student’s first and last name, school, grade, ‘2016’) neatly written in the box. Lack of identification is grounds for disqualification of design for judging.

    Turn in to Drop Folder!

Wednesday 9/21  –

  • Everfi Radius – Mission 3
  • Complete and turn in Holiday Banner

Thursday 9/22  –

  • Review of 4 computer systems and the binary system.
  • Basic computer vocabulary
  • Code.org – Course 2-Stages 4-6

Friday 9/23  –

  • Quiz on the 4 computer systems, the binary system and basic computer vocabulary.
  • Complete Code.org – Course 2-Stages 4-6
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Agenda 9/12 – 9/14

Monday –

  • Complete and check binary conversions activities.  Turn in via Google Drive.
  • 10 minutes Typing.com.

Tuesday – Complete and turn in All About Me poster.  Be sure you have checked the list of “must haves” for an A!!

Wednesday – Make up day!  Check your grades! Turn in missing assignments.

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Agenda 9/6-9/9

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Agenda 8/29-9/2

  • Monday
    • typing.com 10 minutes
    • Add copyright-free images.
    • Complete Thinking Map and turn it in.
  • Tuesday
    • typing.com 10 minutes
    • BrainPop-Online Safety and Information Privacy
    • What is safe to share online? 
    • Complete the “Classic Quiz” and email it to me (kpape@psusd.us).
  • Wednesday – 
    • Make up day!  
  • Thursday –
    • “All About Me” poster using information that would be safe to use online.
  • Friday –
    • Complete and turn in “All About Me” poster to the Drop folder.
    • typing.com 10 minutes
    • Check your grade using Synergy login.  Are all assignments turned in?
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Agenda – August 22

Monday – August 22nd
-typing.com 10 minutes
-Continue Pages – Drawing  Spongebob!
-Intro to Thinking Maps

Tuesday -August 23rd

-typing.com 10 minutes
-Create thinking map for the four systems of the computer.
-“Save” vs “Save As”

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