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Agenda 2/2-2/5

Monday: Google Classroom – Example of a film race challenge. Break into groups to write a story and storyboard in Google Slides. Submit by the end of the period on Wednesday 2/3.  Share slideshow with all partners and with me.

Tuesday: Continue story writing and storyboarding.

Wednesday: Complete Google Slides presentation and submit to Google Classroom by the end of the period.

Thursday: Review of Camera Shots and Angles.

Friday: Introduction to Film Race.  Review instructions. Begin planning.

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Agenda 1/25-1/29

Monday Debugging Programs – Course 2, Stage 10 code.org

Tuesday Debugging Programs – Course 2, Stage 11 code.org

Wednesday Conditionals  – Course 2, Stage 10 code.org

Thursday – Story Spine/Story ARC(Google Classroom)

Friday – Story Spine/Story ARC (Google Classroom)

Did you complete 30 minutes of typing this week at http://www.typing.com?

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Agenda 10/19-10/23

Complete iMovie project.
Tuesday –
Export iMovie. Put in Drop folder.
Create website and blog.
Add reflection.
Wednesday – Intro to Career Cruising. Complete assessments, (Career Investigation).
Thursday – Complete Career Cruising assignment.
Friday – Intro to Shots and Angles.

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Agenda – October 12-16

Per 1-6

Monday-Adding photos to iMovie

Tuesday –Everfi-Internet Resources and Credibility

Wednesday – Using SonicFire

Thursday – Complete and turn in Assignment #3

Friday – Shots and Angles – Examples

Prepare for the “Shooting Gallery”


Per 7

Monday-Add Flower to studio
Google Doc-Reflections of Unit 2
Tuesday – Everfi-Internet Resources and Credibility
Wednesday – Unit 3 (edx.org), Tempo
Thursday – Complete Tempo,
Begin Variables
Friday -“Homework” and Quiz 3




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Agenda 10/5-10/9


  • Wireless Communications in Everfi, Ignition
  • Did you complete Stage 4 of Course 2 in Code.org
  • Begin Photography Assignment #3

Tuesday – 10/6

  • Continue Assignment #3

Wednesday 10/7: Minimum Day—11:38 Dismissal

  • Parent/Teacher Conferences—12:15-3:00
  • – Intro to iMovie

10/8: Minimum Day—11:38 Dismissal

  • P/T Conferences 12:15-3:00 and 4:00-7:00
  • – Complete and turn in Assignment #3

Friday 10/9: Minimum Day—11:38 Dismissal

  • – Shots and Angles – Examples
  • Prepare for the “Shooting Gallery”
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Agenda 9/28-10/2


typing.com – 10 minute warm-up.

Quizlet test review

Edmodo sign up

Google Classroom-Did you turn in Assignment #1?

Begin Photography Assignment #2


Vocabulary/Computer Basics Test #1

Complete Assignment #2, turn in through Google Classroom

Wednesday – Begin Assignment#3

Thursday – Intro to iMovie

Friday -Continue Assignment #3

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Agenda 9/21-9/25


  • typing.com – 10 minute warm-up.
  • Google Classroom-Install extension.
  • Quizlet – Practice for test on Friday!
  • BrainPop – Photography – Video/Quiz


  • Intro to 7 Elements of Photography
  • typing.com – 10 minute warm-up.
  • Assignment #1 Intro to Photography Worksheet/Slideshow

Wednesday –

  • Continue  Assignment #1
  • Quizlet Test Review

Thursday –

  • Complete Assignment #1 (Turn in by the end of the period.)

Friday –

  • Vocabulary Test!
  • Assignment #2 – Name the Elements!
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Agenda 9/14-9/18

Complete the “All About Me” poster and export as a .PDF file. Drag a copy to the Drop folder.
Tuesday– BrainPop-Computer Viruses
Everfi-Ignition-The Viral World
Wednesday-Accessing the Home server if it’s not on the Desktop.
Hold the Command Key and the letter K.
Type in afp://pscofs05
Complete The Viral World and BrainPop
Thursday-Check your grades!
Typing speed baseline (using typing.com 3 page test)

Friday– Code.org, Stage 4

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Agenda: September 7-11

Monday – Labor Day No school.

Tuesday-Log in to typing.com

Videos-“Did You Know?” and “Ted Talk”

Wednesday-BrainPop-Information Privacy

Study the Review Quiz then take the Classic Quiz and email the results to me.

Begin “All About Me” poster. (What information is safe to share online?)

Picture day: Egan Kennedy Sanchez will go on September 10

Picture day: Martin Hershberger and Mills will go on September 11

Thursday-Continue “All About Me” poster.

Saving to the Home server.

Accessing the Home server if it’s not on the Desktop.

Hold the Command Key and the letter K.

Type in afp://pscofs05

Friday-Track your typing progress in a spreadsheet. (spreadsheet set-up)

Complete and submit the “All About Me” poster to the Drop folder.

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Agenda August 31-Sept4

Monday-Worksheet-Converting Digital to Binary (Create Everfi accounts)

Tuesday-Worksheet-Converting Binary to Digital

Complete first “mission” in Radius.

Wednesday-Complete “Choosing a Computer” in Ignition (Everfi). Get 100% on the quiz!

Thursday – Quiz: Converting from Decimal to Binary and Binary to Decimal

“All About Me” poster. What is safe to share online?

Friday – Complete “All About Me” poster and turn it in!

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