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Agenda August 31-Sept4

Monday-Worksheet-Converting Digital to Binary (Create Everfi accounts)

Tuesday-Worksheet-Converting Binary to Digital

Complete first “mission” in Radius.

Wednesday-Complete “Choosing a Computer” in Ignition (Everfi). Get 100% on the quiz!

Thursday – Quiz: Converting from Decimal to Binary and Binary to Decimal

“All About Me” poster. What is safe to share online?

Friday – Complete “All About Me” poster and turn it in!

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Agenda 8/24-8/28


  • Complete 4 Computer Systems poster. 

  • Add copyright-free images


  • Bring headphones to class!

  • The Binary System-Take notes

  • BrainPop Log-in and quiz


  • Converting from Binary to Decimal and Decimal to Binary


  • Complete conversion worksheets.

  • Saving to the Home server.

  • Accessing the Home server if it’s not on the Desktop.


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Agenda Week of August 17-21

Monday-Discipline assemblies

(7th grade-Per 2 and 8th grade-Per 3)

Fill out your agenda.

Create account for code.org and explore activities.


Create account for Google Classroom.  Type in Google.com in the address bar.  Log in using your student ID number and date of birth. 

Go to https://classroom.google.com, click the + button and add the join code you are given for your period.

Complete “Why do We Have Rules”? Share with me! If you are working with a partner, be sure to include BOTH names on the document! 

Wednesday-Agenda check (Be sure to have filled out!)

Video-Discovering How Computers Work-Take notes.

Thursday-Part 2 of video. Begin thinking maps of computer systems.

Friday-Complete thinking maps and turn them in!

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