Agenda 11/12-11/15



11/12 BrainPop Photography video and “quiz”
Continue 7 Photo Elements assignment
11/13 Complete 7 Photo Elements assignment
Photography quiz!!  Do you know the 7 elements?
11/14 Checking out cameras to take photos
11/15 Using iMovie for 7 Elements assignment

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Agenda 9/30-10/4



  • PSA intro
  • Brainstorming using Edmodo




  • Common file types and extensions (.doc, .fla, .swf, .pdf, .rtf, etc…)
  • Continue PSA Presentation


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Agenda 9/23-9/29

9/23 – Assembly Schedule

  • Complete the assignment “How do computers work?” Save to the Home folder and turn in a copy to the Drop folder.
  • Quia – Practice for vocabulary test!


  • Vocabulary Test!
  • Everfi-Complete Choosing a Computer and Wireless Communications with a score of 70% or better.


  • New vocabulary and notes (Desktop or Finder, server, network, hardware, software,  operating systems, applications)
  • Keyboard shortcuts


  • CCHS Presentation


  • Common file types and extensions (.doc, .fla, .swf, .pdf, .rtf, etc…)
By papekathleen

Welcome to Digital Media Design 2013/2014

Welcome to Digital Media Design, the first year course in the CTE Digital Arts career pathway in Palm Springs Unified School District. Students in Media Design are introduced to a variety of software tools available to them on the campus of James Workman Middle School. Word processing, presentation, spreadsheet, photography, video editing, podcasting, and screencasting are a few of the applications we explore!  Students also learn the importance of becoming good digital citizens.  Online safety, information privacy, and cyberbullying are some of the topics we investigate.

Students need to bring their creativity and a great attitude! Of course a pencil or pen and paper are important, too!

By papekathleen